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At some point your career will be limited
if you don’t understand finance.

What's included

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Our online training will give you the tools to:

  • Understand and analyze the income statement and balance sheet
  • Learn why cash is king
  • Evaluate financial ratios and more
  • Calculate the same ratios bankers and investors use to invest in your business

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Step-by-step learning platform for everyone from entrepreneurs, students, new employees, mid-level managers, and top-level executives.

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Learn the language of business

Gain the confidence to understand the nuance beyond the numbers with training that is accessible, jargon-free, and filled with entertaining stories from real companies.

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Become a finance wiz

Impress anyone with your understanding of what the numbers really mean and why they matter.

Enroll today and get exclusive training based on the book "Financial Intelligence,"
a Harvard Business School best seller.

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What People Have To Say

“An excellent review because was kept simple and practical. Key points stressed and practical analysis reinforced.”

“Great instructor and narrative and a good high-level overview of the various financial statements and how they are related.”

“Excellent review of income statement, p&l, statement of earnings. Loved the presentation method combining classroom setting with instructor presentation with slides.”

“Simple yet important foundation topics for everyone. Nice flow to instruction too.”

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Chapter 1

The Basics of Finance and Accounting

Step-by-step learning platform for everyone from entrepreneurs, students, new employees, mid-level managers, and top-level executives.

Chapter 2

The Income Statement

Primary purpose of any organization (even a not for profit) is to make a profit. In this chapter you will learn how profit is reported through the income statement.

Chapter 3

The Balance Sheet

Learn what makes you appealing to your bank. You might have profit but if you don’t have a great balance sheet you could be in trouble.

Chapter 4

Working Capital Management

This is where the rubber meets the road on cash management and the balance sheet. If you understand working capital metrics you’ll know where you can impact the balance sheet.

Chapter 5

The Difference Between Cash and Profit

Don’t you hate it when you miss payroll? You might think that being profitable means you will meet payroll. Learn why that is not necessarily true.

Chapter 6

The Cash Flow Statement

This is the statement everyone understands the least, but those who have a clue use it the most. This statement will tell you where your cash came from and where it is going.

Chapter 7

Financial Ratios

What are your trends, how do you compare to your competitors? You won’t know any of this unless you know how to crank out a few financial ratios. You’ll learn about the four families of ratios, profitability, leverage, ...

Chapter 8

The Marketplace

What makes you the most popular kid on the block to Wall Street and investors? Learn what the “Big 5” numbers are.

Chapter 9


After going through the modules you’ll learn what we already know, that regardless of the weather, every day is a great day for finance.