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It’s been a busy two plus weeks for me and for the Business Literacy Institute. The crazy started when I finally closed the sale of Setpoint Systems after about 25 years working with and agonizing over that business. So much good came out of my time there and really my … Read More

I think it’s the first day of spring today and I know it’s an exciting day for training. Unfortunately, I did not get outside to enjoy the spring day in Atlanta. This trip was a quick in last night and a quick out, nothing too glamorous. My cab driver got … Read More

This road trip was a pretty quick one to sunny and hot Tucson. The 1 1/2 hour flight was quick and easy, the morning run in the heat was not so quick and easy, but I survived. I stayed at the Loews Vantana Canyon resort, nice place. This is the … Read More

On my last trip for about a month now. At the Business Literacy Institute we have had a few trainings this summer we normally don’t have. It’s good for business to have this going on but not so good for my attempt for a lazy summer. This week is a … Read More

My busy California week is closed. It was Santa Clara with Silicon Valley Bank and then home for less than 24 hours. I was off to Bakersfield for a day and a half with Granite Construction. Three days in one week with two destinations pretty much pegs it with me … Read More

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Looking for training on the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows? At some point managers need to understand the statements and how you affect the numbers. Learn more about financial ratios and how they help you understand financial statements.

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