Financial Intelligence Test

Take this Test – it will tell you a lot about the financial acumen within your company

Financial IQ Test
We got tired of having the same argument over and over, the finance group believing their people knew more about finance which did not coincide with what we knew from our years of training in all sorts of industries.

We commissioned a national study to test managers in companies with at least 150 employees on their basic financial knowledge.  The results were astounding – the average score across the United States was 38%!

Try out four of the questions from the test and see how you do.

Harvard Article

Harvard found the results stunning and published a forethought article in HBR October 2009 issue.

Since then, we regularly test our clients in order to customize our live training sessions.  As Karen’s (co-owner and founder of BLI) dissertation asserted, “Companies perform better when everyone understands finance.”

Have your organization take this 25 question test to see what your next step should be in getting everyone up to speed in their financial knowledge.

to learn more about our Financial Intelligence test.  It’s easy to use and inexpensive ($5 per test).  Each test taker will see their results immediately and their result will summarize anonymously to management.